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sooooooooooo - Drewe!

Sep. 1st, 2009

10:16 pm - sooooooooooo

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i haven't posted for ages, i probably should do so more but i don't really have anything very fun to say!
i got back from zante the other day, it was such an amazing holiday, we went to the main strip called laganas quite a few times, chilled with lots of pikeys, got very drunk and made friends with the workers. i didn't stop laughing for the whole week and i have a GENUINE tan, eee!

i now have a bug which i must have picked up on the plane, and i was vomiting all night last night. sick sick sick. this is sad because i also have maaaaaajor post holiday depression and desperately want to go back to chill with all of the amazing people we met and dance to ghetto music and get drunk every night in laga!

zante completely cured me and i feel so goooood now :)

hmmmmm bsg again next week, wishing this year away quite honestly. blehhhhh!

edit edit edit: AABD, by the way!

Listening:: sexy bitch - david guetta ft akon (zante playlisttt!)