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Oct. 25th, 2009

10:24 pm - holy shiiiiiiiiiiiit

i keep waking up in the middle of the night terrified that i'm not making the right choice for next year.
this is so hideous i really don't know what to do. i wish someone would decide for me.
and what's worse is i keep thinking i've made up my mind completely and i'm so so excited to do whatever it is, but a week or so later the reality of the decision i've made hits me and then i start to worry and think it's the wrong choice and get all unsure.
HOWWWWW is everyone else managing this?? i am so scared.

Listening:: vera lynn

Sep. 1st, 2009

10:16 pm - sooooooooooo

i haven't posted for ages, i probably should do so more but i don't really have anything very fun to say!
i got back from zante the other day, it was such an amazing holiday, we went to the main strip called laganas quite a few times, chilled with lots of pikeys, got very drunk and made friends with the workers. i didn't stop laughing for the whole week and i have a GENUINE tan, eee!

i now have a bug which i must have picked up on the plane, and i was vomiting all night last night. sick sick sick. this is sad because i also have maaaaaajor post holiday depression and desperately want to go back to chill with all of the amazing people we met and dance to ghetto music and get drunk every night in laga!

zante completely cured me and i feel so goooood now :)

hmmmmm bsg again next week, wishing this year away quite honestly. blehhhhh!

edit edit edit: AABD, by the way!

Listening:: sexy bitch - david guetta ft akon (zante playlisttt!)

May. 20th, 2009

02:18 pm - c'monnnnnnn

psychology and general studies down. politics on friday! history and drama after half term then BARCELONA!
i am very very excited.

also cannot wait til after politics because my brain is frazzled and needs a week to recharge!

i am feeling happy happy happy today! what are these silly highs and lows all about?

i got paid today, i wanna go shopping.

very boring, sorry!

Listening:: GC BABY (mmmm its been a long time)

Mar. 19th, 2009

09:58 pm

i havent updated this in a while

i guess i'm just waiting until i have something good to say.

..which i dont really!

everything is so fine at the moment. fine is the only word to describe it. nothing really more or less. there have been a couple of highs and a few lows over the last few months but they've all pretty much blurred together into just being 'fine'.

damn, i've gotta make something exciting happen. i miss spontanunity.

Feb. 10th, 2009

10:43 pm - ouch

to the pain that my infected upper ear piercing is causing me and to the really shitty rubbish place i am in right now.

i would love to stay in my house forever and just sing all day every day in solitude. i hate being around people at the moment & that's really stupid because i love being around people. i don't know why i keep hitting these lows but i'm bored of it but don't seem to have the energy to find a way out.

i hate this repetition. it's not the good kind.

Feb. 2nd, 2009

09:42 pm - it snowed today

more than it has for the last 16 years! wonderful!

amazing day!

Jan. 13th, 2009

09:48 pm - unbelievable

if i search me in google, my friends flickr comes up. also, a couple of friends facebooks but never mine. that's really odd.
it's like being spied on from a distance.

i am sat in my room wearing fishnet tights, with waist-high-make-you-a-bit-skinny pants on, then a feather boa over that and a corset on top. this is because on saturday i am attending a party and i need to check my moulin rouge costume is up to scratch. when i'm old and crazy i'm going to wear things like this with long white gloves and drink milk from cocktail glasses and never leave the house. it'll be so unstylish but ridiculous fun.

my new years resolutions, so far so good for some. the diet begins on the first of february and fuck knows when the focusing on work will begin, all i know is i've sat here dressed up all evening and i haven't done a single piece of my psychology. fuck?

Jan. 10th, 2009

11:53 pm

i just want these next two years to fly by because i'm really hating this right now and i want to get away

Nov. 7th, 2008

05:48 pm - Writer's Block: Revolutionary Thought

It's the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, marking the Marxist overthrow of the Russian government. Karl Marx once wrote that "religion is the opium of the people." What is the new opium of the people?

Sep. 22nd, 2008

02:12 pm - chriiiiiist

i had 13 hours sleep last night, i am so ill.

so i haven't posted for ages. the rest of summer was amazing, then izzy left which was sad. but she is visiting for the first time this weekend and we've got kirby's 19th so all is goooooooood :D
the last month in pictoral formCollapse )
oh yeah and sam king is gay. holy shit.

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