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German B Maths B Biology B Chemistry B Physics B English Literature B… - Drewe!

Aug. 22nd, 2008

03:04 pm

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German B
Maths B
Biology B
Chemistry B
Physics B
English Literature B
English Language A
Religious Studies A
History A
Drama A
Music A*

I don't think words could describe how completely shocked and proud of myself I felt yesterday when I opened my results. I really expected nothing like this at all. Considering I was told I would probably fail Biology & Chemistry and only just pass German, I think I did a bloody good job! When I saw that I had an A* in Music I cried, pretty lame but I couldn't believe that either because I can't even do theory! The night before i'd been desperately hoping that i'd get an A in music because that would have made me so happy! I was slightly dissapointed that I didn't get an A* in Drama, but I'm comforting myself with the knowledge that my practical was A* and I only let myself down on the written exam, so i'm cool with that. Chuffed about History and dead shocked at English Lang but wheyyy :D. One person I wanted to tell that I couldn't though :/

Went to Sam King's to celebrate last night. I can't even remember arriving after work! I remember Connor pouring a bottle of wine over Harri then them making up later on, smoking from a huge bong with Ched and Baz, finding salt in a bag and being horrified because I thought it was some kind of crystalised drug, Paul punching the wall and breaking his knuckle and it being mountainous and disgusting. Then me, Laura, Norkey, Craig, Foi and Pampi walked back to Pamp's house and it took us like hours I swear. Theres a picture of me lying on a sign painted in the middle of the road and we sat on Canford Golf Course for ages.
I love nights where things slowly come back to you. Everyone did really well in their exams, so people were on an absolute high and just had a crazy night, it was wonderful!


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Date:August 22nd, 2008 11:56 pm (UTC)
Well done on your results =)
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Date:August 24th, 2008 05:27 pm (UTC)
thankyou :D
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