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chriiiiiist - Drewe!

Sep. 22nd, 2008

02:12 pm - chriiiiiist

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i had 13 hours sleep last night, i am so ill.

so i haven't posted for ages. the rest of summer was amazing, then izzy left which was sad. but she is visiting for the first time this weekend and we've got kirby's 19th so all is goooooooood :D
woooo so what first?

kate's "welcome to the jungle" 16th!

matt merritt's birthday - "the night of the tears"

@ daisy's, before sam king's "golf pros and tennis ho's"

thursday 28th aug @ 60 million postcards & klute

jess' "first weekend back at skl" bash

thursday 18th sept - last thurs night out before everyone set off to uni :(

Friday 19th Sept- Sam King's 17th @ Sammi's

"wasted" pretty much sums up our outing to sammi's. daisy and i arrived at sams, various beverages shoved our way and we ended up all agreeing to walk all the way to sammi's which took us about 40 minutes (felt like hours in heels). then got to sammi's, daisy and i decided to be cheap and buy our own quarter bottle of vodka. we then prodeeded - the little pikeys we are - to drink half of it outside. then once we got in, we filled our regular cokes with voddy and got even more tiddly. we then got free champagne for sam's birthday which we all rinsed before the meal had even arrived. all 30 of us shared 15 bottles of wine with dinner. i don't actually remember eating dinner, but i remember laughing at how daisy and felix were veggies and they just had rice and naan bread (they were later brought more veggie food but we still found it hialrious). sammi then closed the restaurant, let us all smoke inside (woooah) and turned up crazy 80's and 90's pop tunes. we even got to go in the kitchens when sammi made reeeeeally hot curry and sam (bday boy) had to eat it. hilarious. more dancing then finally we left and felix was like, fallig over in the road. hilarious night.

oh yeah and sam king is gay. holy shit.