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unbelievable - Drewe!

Jan. 13th, 2009

09:48 pm - unbelievable

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if i search me in google, my friends flickr comes up. also, a couple of friends facebooks but never mine. that's really odd.
it's like being spied on from a distance.

i am sat in my room wearing fishnet tights, with waist-high-make-you-a-bit-skinny pants on, then a feather boa over that and a corset on top. this is because on saturday i am attending a party and i need to check my moulin rouge costume is up to scratch. when i'm old and crazy i'm going to wear things like this with long white gloves and drink milk from cocktail glasses and never leave the house. it'll be so unstylish but ridiculous fun.

my new years resolutions, so far so good for some. the diet begins on the first of february and fuck knows when the focusing on work will begin, all i know is i've sat here dressed up all evening and i haven't done a single piece of my psychology. fuck?